Iron Made cover

I finally have the cover for book 2 of the Forged by Magic Trilogy.  I really like it. You know, at one time I had thought about putting the typical “man and woman in embrace” on the cover of these books but decided I would rather have something that conveys a key moment in the books themselves. Yes, the couple do end up in an embrace at some point in the book. But, I wanted the covers to show that there was more to the story than just a couple getting together. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like the romance of a story just as much as the next gal but for me, if there isn’t a plot to keep my interest, it starts to wane. Anyway, maybe I’ll make the next one look more like a typical romance but for this one there is no embrace.  Without further ado here she be.




2 thoughts on “Iron Made cover

  1. Hi, I bought it through amazon, it was great, had to read it straight through as I was caught up in the story! waiting on number three. Keep up the series and don’t let anything bad happen to Vive.

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