The Light is now available for pre-order

Hey all! I hope your December is going awesomely. I, like many, both love and hate this time of year. While the nostalgia of Christmas is nice, the stress is sometimes overwhelming, but I really believe this is a season for family, especially kids. The look on their faces when they see all the lights setup is priceless, and worth the effort every time.

Now, on to the important stuff. The Light: Book Three of the Fallen-Fey Chronicles is now available for pre-order. You can get it here.


Also, I’m working on getting the entire Avery Tywella Series available in a box set. This will include Craven as well, all for one low holiday price, so if you know anyone who hasn’t read the series yet or are looking for a great gift to give, this would be the perfect time to read the entire series. I’ll do another post when it goes live, which will be by Friday at the latest.

Have a Great Monday!


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