The Fabled is Free!

Look at what is free on Amazon!

The Fabled by [Gavyn, S. L.]

If you haven’t started this series yet, now’s the time. The Fabled is free for a limited time. Here’s the description to help pique your interest.

A vision of their destruction from the strongest Oracle to have ever lived forced them to become the Fabled.
An immortality elixir given without concern caused her to lose the love of her life.
Now, Sunny Dubois has become an agent of the Council of Elders enforcing their laws and keeping their secret.
Bodies of Vamps have been showing up in Dallas, and Sunny is called in to find out who killed them. She figures out quickly that these are no ordinary deaths. Someone is targeting new Vamps, and there is only one similarity, a club called Eternal Darkness. The only problem for Sunny is that the club owner is an old lover. One she has never forgotten and never will.
Roman Alexander has wandered this world far longer than he would care to remember. He was used to getting what he wanted either by coercion or force, but there was one thing he wanted and couldn’t have. The woman who stole his heart and then crushed it.
Now, Sunny and Roman are forced to work together to find a killer before it’s too late. If they can manage not to kill each other along the way, they might actually succeed.


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