Avery Tywella Series


It was life as usual for half-Demon Avery Tywella when she chases a Demon convicted of murder into a local club. As an agent of the Human’s Rights task force it is her duty to execute any Other proven to harm or cause harm to Humans. But her actions in Halo attract the attention of Jared Damascus, the lead singer of local rock band sensation, Darkened. And, a night of clubbing with her friend leaves her with unwanted attentions from, not only, a Fallen Angel but a psychotic murderer.

Now, with a Fallen bodyguard at her side she has to find and eliminate her perp before he kills again. The only problem is convincing her Fallen admirer to let her do her job instead of protecting her. Because she is going to need the help of him and his band of vigilante crimefighters to take out this crazy Angel so she can get back to her life before she does something she regrets with a certain hot rock star.




Demon are descending on Atlanta, attacking women for no apparent reason. It’s up to Avery to find out why but the answer hits a little closer to home than she would like. She’s forced to join with the Fallen once more to find a way to not only stop the Demon attacks on the people of Atlanta but to help protect herself. Only, Luke demands she finds the truth about herself and why she was lied to for so many years while Jared falls deeper into oblivion. When the Demon king himself comes calling she finds out that some prices are worth the misery that accompany them and some aren’t.




Okay, so Avery Tywella isn’t the half-Demon she always thought she was. But she’s still a kickass Human’s Rights agent and this time she just might have more than she can handle.
Witches are disappearing. Normally that wouldn’t be Avery’s division but the Humans who were close to the missing Witches are having their minds manipulated and when the bodies of one of the Witches and her Human husband are found, the killer turns out to be a creature of legend.
With her last case still unsolved Avery is forced to spread herself thin in order to try to find both killers. Luckily, she has a new partner to help her along the way. If only she can manage to keep their relationship professional.
She must rely on her new abilities as well as the help of Atlanta’s hottest Fallen to catch two uncatchable creatures. But when someone Avery is closest to is killed, she will do anything to seek vengeance.




Avery’s favorite Vampire now has his own book.

How does a Vampire atone for a mistake made centuries before? Some would say there is no way for atonement. Craven would tell them to go to Hell. He has finally found the one thing he has searched for. The Blood stone. Created millennium before it has the ability to convert energy into Blood magic therefore allowing a Vampire to live without feeding, and it is the key to Craven’s redemption.
Aurora Riviere was born in the forest of Benevento. She had planned to live the remained her of her days with the forest she considered her kindred. A chance meeting in her woods would change all of that forever. Now, she has spent centuries hating the person who ruined her life, and she is ready just to end her own suffering.
Will Craven be able to convince Aurora to continue living long enough for him to make amends or die trying? Given that the stone is currently being held in the Kingdom by the First Lord himself, his chances of obtaining it are very slim. But, you would be surprised the length a benevolent being will go to help those that help themselves.



damned cover

Hell is bitter sweet for Avery Tywella. On one hand, she is able to meet the parents she grew up without while on the other, she had to avoid Abaddon at all cost. Knowing he was looking for her she felt safe inside the protective dome her father had built millennium before. But, when faced with a decision of staying within her protection or saving one she thinks to be innocent, she chooses the innocent. Unfortunately in Hell, everyone plays dirty, and that one single choice lands her in the hands of the one she tried to avoid most.

Being forced to become the queen of Hell isn’t too bad as far as kidnappings go. On the plus side, she is able to torture and kill Demon without any retribution. The main problem is, losing yourself to hatred and rage opens a pit you might never be able to crawl out of. Will she be able to escape not only her physical Demon but her metaphorical Demon as well or will she Damned for all eternity?



valentine's fools

Valentine’s Fools: A Free Avery Tywella Short.  Avery is called to a very unusual case involving talking dismembered corpes, geriatric perverts, and of course, her favorite rockstar.  If only Karma wasn’t so cruel.

Valentine’s Fools PDF

Valentine’s Fools DOCX


She’s not going to take it.
First, Hell.
Now, the Kingdom.
Avery Tywella has spent too long being forced to do things against her will, and she will be damned if she is going to allow Jared do it. She has one purpose in her life. Kill Abaddon, the king of Hell. That is her one driving force, and she is Devoted to it.

Life has a way of sneaking up on you though, and Avery soon finds herself wanting more. Demon are descending on Atlanta taking innocents in an attempt to draw Avery out. Abaddon has declared war on the entire city and its inhabitants.

She will need the help of all her friends and even some enemies to end this once and for all. But more than anyone else, she will need Jared. With him, she will learn what being Devoted really is.


This is a free Avery Tywella short story telling what happens next for Avery and Jared. Enjoy!

Detained An Avery Tywella Short

23 thoughts on “Avery Tywella Series

  1. When does “damned” come out? I just finished book 3 and am dying for the next one! Love your Avery tywella series!

    1. Thank you so much Shana! I’m glad you like it. I’ve got one book coming out before Damned. The Necromancer’s wife will be out in September and Damned will be out sometime in October. If you haven’t read Craven yet, it gives some insight into what’s going on with Avery since it takes place right after Deceived ends.

  2. Thank goodness it’s almost October. This series was great, the characters were awesome, I love how they evolve. This is such an action packed fantasy romance. Just what I have been looking for. Can’t wait to try the other series you have written. Keep up with the fantastic stores you weave.

    1. Lol! I like how you started out with “thank goodness it’s almost October”. That had me chuckling first thing in the morning. Nothing makes my day like waking up to hear that someone enjoys my work. Thank you so much, Kristina!

  3. Your books are so hard to put down. I applaud thee. I haven’t been this obsessed with a book (or series) in a long while. I can’t wait for Damned to come out. And just to give you an idea of how obsessed I became I read the first three books in 2 days. That doesn’t happen often. Typically it takes me up to 5 days. So again, I applaud thee. Avery is absolutely amazing and hilarious. I hope you had as much fun writing these books as I did reading them. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you like them, Julia! I told my friend when I first started writing that if no one else liked my books, at least I entertained myself. Because I would laugh all the time at the crazy thoughts that would pop up and become Avery’s crazy talk or thought.

  4. I just want to say I’ve all of Ave’ books… I luv them. But please tell me the Jared thing will be resolved.It’s killing me… in a good way. It’s hard to understand if angels only have one mate. But luv luv the series…

    1. Come on, would I set you up like that without giving you the reward? Of course the Jared thing is going to be resolved. Just, probably not in the next book. Heck, she isn’t even on earth for most of it. Oops. Did I give too much away? Anyway, how does that saying go? Oh yeah, getting there is half the battle, or something like that. I’m glad you like the series. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

    1. I plan on uploading Damned the morning of the 30th. It’s been taking Amazon sometimes a day to a day and a half to publish a book once its been uploaded. So it will be live October 31st, but I’m not certain what time. As soon as its live I’ll be posting about it everywhere.

  5. I am so ready for Devoted to come out. I so can’t wait to see what is next for Avery. Do you have a better idea when this book will be on Amazon?

  6. Is there any update on the release date for book 5, just finished the other 4 and can’t wait for this one although sad to hear it’s the last in the series.

  7. Is there a update as to when the 5th book will be? Or a round about date when your expecting for it to be releast. Thank you.

  8. Hey I just wanted to say I love your books and just finished book 3 and can’t find damned or devoted on Barnes and noble. Please help need to know what happens next.

    1. Thanks Epiphanie! I’m so glad you like the books. Right now, Damned and Devoted are only available on Amazon. I’m working on adding them to B&N and the other retailers this next week but it will take several days for them to be available. Sorry. I’m so backlogged, and I loathe reformatting the books for all the different retailers. It looks like I’m going to have to pull on my big-girl pants and just get it done.

  9. Is the Avery series really over? I want to know how they address doing now. The books were so good it’s almost like they are my friends now.

    1. Thanks Betty! Technically yes, it is over. I’m not sure if you have read the free short story, Detained, but I’ve added it to this page now and it details what’s new in Avery’s life. I have also started a new series called The Fallen-Fey Chronicles that has the other members of Darkened in it as well as some Fey warriors. I’m planning on releasing the next three books of this series later this year, and I’m pretty sure Avery will be making an appearance.

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