Coming Soon

This page is dedicated to letting you know what to expect over the next several months.

  • My time is being split between editing The Driven, book 5 of The Fallen-Fey Chronicles, and writing book two of my new series, After the Merging.
  • I will be working on book six of the Fallen-Fey next month with a release in early spring.  
  • Once I finish book six of The Fallen-Fey Chronicles, I’m going to concentrate on working with my editor on Eve of Change, the first book in the After the Merging series. It should be released late spring/early summer with the second book coming out in mid to late summer.
  • I will be spending the bulk of my summer writing the fourth book in The Fabled series and it should be ready for release late summer/early fall.
  • The last book I plan to release in 2017 will be the third installment of the After the Merging series in late fall/early winter.

These are the books I have planned to write in the immediate future. Of course, the schedule could be tweaked a bit. Check this page often since I’ll be changing it as my schedule changes.

16 thoughts on “Coming Soon

    1. I’m not currently running any promotions on Deadened or Deceived. I am running a giveaway on Goodreads for signed copy of Craven. Damned, book 4 of the Avery Tywella Series, will be released late next month, and I will be running promotions prior to it’s release so be sure to check back.

      1. Loved Craven. I noticed some hints about what’s going to happen in Damned. Now I am doubly excited for its release. I can’t wait. I basically have no life just work and kids. They are grown now for the most part and that leaves me plenty of time to read. Very impressed with what you do.

      2. Thanks Tina! I’m glad you liked Craven. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on it since there isn’t an actual (detailed) love scene in it, but there isn’t much of that in the Avery series anyway. You sound just like me, too. Now that all three of my kids are in school, all I do is write or read.

  1. I have just finished with all 3 of the Avery Tywella series, books. I can’t wait for the last one to come out to finish the series, and I love them!!! Can you please let me know when it is finished, so I can purchase it on my kindle?
    Thank you so much,
    Virginia Jennings

    1. Sure Virginia. I’ll email you as soon as the book’s released. I don’t want to disappoint you, but the next book, Damned, is not the final book in Avery’s series. That is going to be Devoted and it won’t be out until early next year. But I promise Damned won’t end with as bad of a cliffhanger at Deceived did. (hehe)

  2. I would love to be notified when the other two books of the Avery Twyella series is available on Kindle. Can’t get enough of your books!

  3. I just finished all three Avery Twyella books in one day and loved them. I was disappointed the next wasn’t available. I plan on starting Craven in a few minutes. Thank you for writing them.

  4. Please add me to your email list i am dying to read damned you are a amazing author thank you for sharing your talents with the world
    – amber

  5. I have read all your books now and I loved them all…..could you please add me to your email list so I know when your next book is out, as I am getting withdrawal symptoms already 🙂

  6. I came across your books quite by accident and was captivated from the get go!! Unfortunately my husband was not so thrilled with me finding you, (that might have something to do with me staying up until 3 am reading)!! I was a little disapointed though, I don’t find Ange Noir at B & N, are your books no longer offered through them? I have a nook and, and would be seriously disapointed if I could not continue reading your wonderful books. Please let me know, and thank you for sharing your stories with us

    1. I’m so glad you like the books, Lisa. I’m sorry Ange Noir wasn’t available on BN. I had taken it off because I was offering it exclusively through Amazon for a while and just never added it back to BN. I’ve added it now but it might take a day or two for it to become available. If you also like the Avery Tywella series (or just like Craven), the book Craven is a two-for-one book that includes Ange Noir and is currently available on BN. Thanks for letting me know Ange Noir wasn’t on BN. Happy reading!

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